5:44 PM

We (finally) had a quiet, ahhhhhh, normal weekend. Friday afternoon I met my friend Tiffany for drinks at one of our favorite spots, The Misfit in Santa Monica. After dinner Ike and I had an ice cream date and headed home.  

Tiffany & I at Misfits

Saturday afternoon we had B's 5th birthday party. I didn't get a great pic of the cake but it was crazy detailed. It had Randall, Davey Jones and Syndrome on it, all villains! Saturday is football day in the Lee household so we came home to watch the Longhorns lose miserably and Baylor kick Tech's ass. 

Ike surprised me this weekend with a new blanket.. For those of you who don't know: I've slept with a blanket my entire life. Yes, I know I'm pushing 30, married and still sleep with a "blankie". But this one is sweet because it's the Texas flag. So, no matter where I go I have a piece of my home with me. My other blanket was disintegrating, all that was left was about a 6 inch string. He probably got this for me because he knew my other blankets days were numbered. 

Today we woke up a little bit "church sick" so we watched a sermon from our church in Austin, Riverbend. It was a great lesson about how David (3,000 years ago) woke up and realized nothing he had, or saw, belonged to him. Everything we have is a gift from God. How do we live our lives expressing and experiencing that: gratitude, generosity and grace. It was food for my soul. 

Tonight I'm cooking meatloaf and we're gearing up for Sunday night TV. It's a big night in our home.

Have a great week!

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